We here at Chaparral Tile have been conducting business in the valley for quite some time. And during that period we have built lasting relationships with certain companies.

We have both references and companies we work with in other specialized area. This networking allows us to complete your renovation needs.


Just to name a few of our partners

•  Artisan Designs - Custom metal tile fabrication for tile installation and cabinet and door manufacturing companies. Neil Logan also produces original art and manuractures it for the masses in the same medium.

•  Arizona Center For Advanced Medicine - Providing medical care for the sensitive and health conscience patients in a clean and green enviroment.

•  Cassia Builders - Has hired us to do their installation from $100,000 condos to million dollar homes with unique and creative custom designs.

•  Majestic Stone Imports - Majestic Stone Imports is a direct stone importer. They provide stone products to contractors and dealers in much of the southwest.

•  Dugan Plumming - Dugan Plumming can care for all of your plumming needs.

•  Mandura of Arizona - Mundura is a delicious and nutritious drink. Mandura of Arizona supplies this to thier clients and also a great business opportunity. CHECK IT OUT!!